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MACD 2Line Indicator

MT4 Indicators, Oscillators

MACD 2Line MT4 Indicator

The MACD 2Line MT4 Indicator is a technical indicator used for trading forex and the stock market. It is an improved version of well well-known MACD indicator which displays histogram bars and …

trend indicators

Trend Indicator LTFN MetaTrader 4

MT4 Indicators, Trend Indicators

Trend Indicator LTFN for MT4

Trend Indicator LTFN indicator for MT4 is an easy to use popular forex trading indicator. Trend Indicator LTFN Indicator helps …

informational indicators

Session Indicator MT4

Informational Indicators, MT4 Indicators

Session Indicator MT4

The Session Indicator MT4 is a simple informational indicator for MetaTrader 4. The indicator draws boxes for Asian, London, and New York main trading sessions …

signal indicators

Breakout Zones Indicator

MT4 Indicators, Signal Indicators

Breakout Zones MT4 Indicator

The Breakout Zones MT4 Indicator is a signal indicator. The indicator draws the breakout zones for you on the main chart. You may also …
Arrows Indicator for MetaTrader 4

Arrows Indicator for MT4

Exit Indicator

Exit Indicator MT4

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