Impulse MACD Indicator MT4

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Impulse MACD Indicator

The Impulse MACD Indicator MT4 is a widely known technical indicator used for trading forex and the stock market. It is an improved version of the MACD indicator which displays histogram bars and moving average lines on an additional smaller chart. Histogram bars indicate changes in momentum while moving averages help to identify the main trend direction. An Indicator can be used to identify a trend direction and potential reversal or continuation of a trend to generate accurate trading signals. The indicator suits advanced as well as novice forex traders who favor a swing trading approach.

The Impulse MACD Indicator MT4 works well for both experienced and new forex traders who prefer a swing trading style. It’s versatile and can be used on all timeframes available in the MT4 platform, making it handy for trading different forex currency pairs. Whether you’re into short-term or long-term trading strategies, this indicator fits right in and can be used with any forex trading system or strategy to confirm price conditions.



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Indicator Settings

How to Install Impulse MACD Indicator MT4

Download and extract files in the MetaTrader “Indicators” Data Folder found in the Main Menu File section:

Free MT4 indicator download

The “Indicators” folder is located in the “MQL4” folder.

Restart MetaTrader Platform.

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