FX Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Trigger MT4 Indicator

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FX Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Trigger Indicator

The FX Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Trigger MT4 Indicator is a sophisticated tool that incorporates cutting-edge MT4 indicators designed to support trend-following traders by delivering real-time trend signals in live markets. This indicator exclusively utilizes a CCI-focused trend oscillator to generate clear and user-friendly trend signals.

An Indicator can be used to identify potential reversal or continuation movements of a price. Buy and Sell signals are generated by the Trigger Line (red line) crossing Ergodic CCI (blue line) that are drawn on are displayed on the additional smaller chart. An indicator is most helpful for long-term trading strategy and may be used with any forex trading system or strategy to confirm price conditions.



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Indicator Settings

How to Install FX Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Trigger MT4 Indicator

Download and extract files in the MetaTrader “Indicators” Data Folder found in the Main Menu File section:

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The “Indicators” folder is located in the “MQL4” folder.
Restart MetaTrader Platform.

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